February 08, 2005

Five down...

Oh, book #5 made me laugh so much: Dreamtoons, by Jesse Reklaw. (I have to admit I feel a little lame counting this book toward my total, since it is actually a book of comics, but on the other hand, it is bound and printed, and it's 126 pages long, and I did read the entire thing, so... counting it.)

I heard about Jesse when someone directed me to his web site, Slow Wave. People write to him about their dreams, and then he draws the dream in a four-frame comic format. He puts a new one up every week. I enjoyed flipping through the archives on his site, and ended up buying the book. I can’t exactly put my finger on why I find it so funny, though. It’s not that all the dreams are a laugh riot in and of themselves, but the deadpan way he treats them just cracks me up. For example, one begins

“I dreamt I’d agreed to be shot behind my old high school…”

Ha! That just makes me laugh. I don’t know. Stop looking at me.

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