February 19, 2005

Road Rules

Today I finally got a California driver's license (I have been driving for many years, but recently moved and had to get a local license). Only one wrong answer on my test, and it was something about driving a commercial truck, which doesn't apply to me anyway, so I don't feel bad for missing that one. Whee! Watch out, people! I'm legal!

In preparation for the test, last night I read the California Drivers Handbook (no, I'm not counting that toward my 50 Books, jeez!), and found that the CDH actually contains some interesting words of advice that apply not only to the rules of the road, but, indeed, to life in general. I'd like to share a few of these nuggets, if I may? Here we go:

  1. There are certain people you should give a lot of room to.

  2. Your chance to escape is better if you are conscious.

  3. Take In the Whole Scene. If you look far enough ahead, you will be able to see important things [such as] signs warning you of problems ahead.

  4. Under certain circumstances, you may have to flash your headlights to get a person’s attention.

    [cough] Ahem.

  5. Don’t honk at a blind person. The blind person has no idea who you are honking at and may be scared.

    I hope no one is out there honking at blind people. Harsh!

  6. Rubbernecking – perhaps the most frustrating of behaviors.

  7. Never “wait and see.” Never think that everything is going to be all right.

And on that happy note: Thanks, CDH! You teach all of us so, so much.


Career Guy said...

Ms. Draggletail,
Very much fun writing. I am intrigued with the 50 book idea. I usually do that in the summer. Come home from work, eat dinner and rush outside and sit on the deck and read till it gets dark. That's my idea of a good time. Since I am frugal (as opposed to cheap), I go to the bookstore to see what's new, write down the titles and then take the books out of the library. Sometimes I'll have two or three going at once. 50 is an admirable goal--I hope you make it.

fisherqueen said...

Who knew that DMV would have such enduring life lessons!