April 06, 2005

The Full Cupboard of Life

I had such a good weekend last weekend, I'm still thinking about it on Wednesday while I sit in my stupid cube with a headache caused by an evening of too much Jimmy Buffet and draft beer with a bunch of 60 year-old parrotheads. Sigh. Anyhoo, excellent parts of my weekend included the following:

1. Left work early on Friday - always a bonus
2. Sat in the sun and read books - bad for the skin cancer, but good for the mood!
3. Read three books! All good and easy and funny. More on those in a moment.
4. Weeded the yard
5. Went to a new pilates class
6. Watched some awesome TV, including the E! True Hollywood Story on Janice Dickinson and the second part of the Disney Little House on the Prairie mini-series.

So, book #13 (hmm, it's already April - I've got to get cracking!) on my list is The Full Cupboard of Life, by Alexander McCall Smith - the fifth book in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. These are sweet, charming books. Easy-going. It isn't a book that requires deep thinking or analysis, but maybe I'll post a few good excerpts:

Here's a reason I should move to Botswana:

There was no point, she felt, being a thin and unhappy person when the attractions of being a comfortable person were so evident. And men liked women like that too. It was a terrible thing the outside world had done to Africa, bringing the idea that slender ladies, some as thin as a sebokoldi, a millipede, should be considered desirable. That was not what men really wanted. Men wanted women whose shape reminded them of good things on the table.

Oops, maybe I shouldn't move there:

Mma Ramotswe mused for a moment. There were many things, she thought, that one could reasonably expect the Government to do, but it had never occurred to her that chasing bar girls back to their villages was one of them.

Oh, I am too sleepy to look up any more good passages. I liked the book, though. Also, I lied earlier in this post - I finished two books last weekend, but I have about 20 pages left to go in the third, so I'll post about those two when I finish it. I know you're ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT, so I'll try to be quick about it. Now I have to go ask the woman in the office across from me to stop typing so loud.


Rebecca said...

Hurry please! The edge of my seat isn't very comfortable! :)

liz said...

My Tivo smartly recorded the Janice Dickinson E!True Hollywood Story but I forgot to program it for little house- darn!!