July 28, 2005

So, have you had about enough of looking at that grimy fox yet? I was trying to distract you from the woeful lack of posting that's been going on here. It's my experience that foxes can sometimes be distracting.

But now: A brief book report. I picked up I'm Not The New Me because I have enjoyed Wendy McClure's writing on Television Without Pity. She also has her own popular web site - Pound - which I have visited on occasion, mostly to check out her hilarious old Weight Watchers cards.

This book is generally about her struggles with weight and body issues, and the birth of Pound, and her feelings of self, and the awesomeness and/or awkwardness that comes with having/being a well-known web persona (in this way it's a bit similar to Pamela Ribon's Why Girls Are Weird). It's interesting. Sometimes kind of painful, sometimes kind of inspirational (although I have the feeling Ms. McClure wouldn't really like my saying that), and sometimes funny. I like self-deprecating people. I suppose struggles with self-esteem aren't really all that hilarious a topic, but she does still make funny work. I enjoyed it. Check out Pound to get a taste.

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