September 01, 2005

interrupting this program to be sad for a moment

I'm really, really sad about New Orleans right now. It's horrifying. I have one friend whose whole family has lost everything. At least they're all safe with her in North Carolina, but still.

And I started crying when I read that they can't evacuate any animals with their people. All those animals, left behind with the waste and the dead bodies and the frightened people. God. I think I'll donate to the Louisiana SPCA.

As long as I'm linking, here's The Red Cross, too.

Edited to add: I had just finished posting this entry, then I went to check out what Rebecca had to say for herself today, and to my surprise found that today was actually designated among bloggers as a Katrina relief link day. I'm so totally au courant and I didn't even know it. Truth Laid Bear is responsible for coordinating this effort (I think).

I've been asked to link to this round-up, and here are Technorati tags for and .

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Nick Nack said...

I, the North Carolina friend, am grateful for mention in such a bodacious blog! Thanks for the thoughts. We're plugging along.