November 18, 2005

three more

A plane trip last weekend afforded me the chance to knock out a couple of good ones (and one stupid one):

A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway. This is a reread for me, but I was in a Paris frame of mind, and wanted to revisit it. This book just makes me... greedy. I want to be a starving artist in Paris! I want to have little smart inside jokes with my crazy, tortured spouse! I want to gossip with expatriates while drinking myself blind in a cafe! And who doesn't like reading about F. Scott Fitzgerald's man-parts? Nobody, that's who.

My Friend Leonard, James Frey. A great follow-up to A Million Little Pieces (read it, people! What are you waiting for?). I did get a little tired of the stream-of-consciousness writing style by the end of this second book, I admit. It was effective in AMLP, but enough was enough by the end of Leonard. The book did make me cry, though. Good reading.

It's Called a Breakup Because it's Broken, Greg Behrendt.

Shut up.


Eileen said...

Where's Teechie?

Liz Fisher said...

Look at you go! I still need to pick up A Million Little Pieces. A few weeks after you read it, everyone I ran into seemed to be reading it. You're always on the cutting edge!!

Big Mo said...

So, after reading his two autobigraphical books, do you think Frey has the talent to write fiction?

Ms Draggletail said...

Teechie's in heaven, Eileen.

BigMo said... any good books lately?