March 20, 2006

Things to read if you're bored at work today...

This morning I just remembered a web site that I love reading: Slow Wave, by Jesse Reklaw. People send him notes on dreams they've had, and he makes the stories into brief comic strips. I know I sometimes have a weird sense of humor, but I find some of them hilarious. (I think I've posted about his book before, but oh well. I'm doing it again.)

And that reminds me of another site that's pretty engrossing, and that is PostSecret. People send this guy anonymous postcards telling him their secrets, things they have never told anyone before, and he posts them on the site. Some of the secrets are funny, but most of them are pretty sad, or scary, and a lot of them have some amazing artwork.

See? This is what I do instead of read books. More on that issue tomorrow.

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