June 25, 2006

The Man of My Dreams

I just finished The Man of My Dreams, the second book by current literary darling Curtis Sittenfeld.

I really enjoyed it. Much like Prep, her first book, it was sort of girly, chick lit (hate that term), but also not quite as fluffy as all that.* And also like Prep, I (probably unfortunately) found myself identifying with her main character, Hannah. I say "unfortunately" because for much of the book Hannah comes off as negative and bitter. But I still loved the story, and connected with a lot of Hannah's struggles.

"I know I only met you once before today, but you seem like you have your act together. You don't seem like you need rescuing."

Is the depressing part that he's only half right - it's not that she doesn't need rescuing but that nobody else will be able to do it? She has always somehow known that she is the one who will have to rescue herself. Or maybe what's depressing is that this knowledge seems like it should make life easier, and instead it makes it

See? Kind of narcissistic, a little bitter, but I like it. Fun!

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