July 05, 2007


Oh, my poor, sad little Draggletail blog. Neglected and left to herself.

There was a time when I was sort of obsessed with writing in my blog. (I like to call that time “the year 2005.”) I don’t know if I just had too much time on my hands? And why did I think that anyone would be interested in reading anything I had to say? I mean, I obsessively checked my stats to see if anyone new had visited that day. Sigh. I sort of miss those days, but I guess I should also be glad that I have found other things to fill my time. Right? Haven’t I? What have I been doing all these days? I guess the main thing is having a boyfriend who lives in the same town. Boys are definitely time-consuming. And my jobs the last couple of years have been busy, busier than other jobs I’ve had. Not so much down time for internet surfing at work. Yeah, jobs are also very time-consuming.

Also, maybe subconsciously I have not been particularly proud of my reading choices of late, and rather prefer keeping my reading list to myself, I suppose. What a snob I am. But let’s see… I read another Haruki Murakami book while I was on vacation last week – Kafka on the Shore – it was pretty interesting, but maybe I've read too much Murakami, because this time around I got kind of sick of the metaphysics. A character named Johnnie Walker who dresses in spats and who cuts the heads off stray cats and eats their still-beating hearts because he’s collecting their souls so he can make a flute out of the cat souls? And then he plays the flute made of cat souls (as you do) with the intent of drawing human souls to him or something. I don’t know. Wacky. Also, gross. The story was pretty good, but sometimes all that suspension of disbelief gets exhausting.

Anyway, this weekend maybe I will try to come up with a list of the books I’ve been reading and post it. I’d like to try to revive the blog a bit. I’m nostalgic for the Draggletail.


carrie said...

Hey, just saw the recent posting. Glad to see Ms. Draggletail is at it again!

big mo said...

'bout damn time