March 20, 2009


In my last entry I mentioned how I was a little lukewarm on Stephenie Meyer (though I did read all five of her books, so go figure). You know who I am not lukewarm about? Michael Connelly! Over the past month I got seriously hooked on his police thrillers. The first book I read was The Concrete Blonde – which was exciting and a little disgusting and totally engrossing. This is one of Connelly’s books that features Harry Bosch, a tough, grim LAPD detective. As soon as I finished that book, I ran to the library and scooped up The Closers, then bought The Poet, The Narrows, and The Lincoln Lawyer to get me through a recent plane ride. So fun!

Connelly’s thrillers are fast-paced, and not too silly but not too tricky - this is the perfect combination for my taste, especially when I’m stuck in an airport and want to be distracted but not to feel like I’m studying (and yes, sometimes I do like to feel like I’m studying – what’s wrong with learning stuff?). His books are usually set in Los Angeles, and the city atmosphere Connelly creates is great. Down and dirty. The stories are modern, but have a bit of the L.A. noir, sort of old-school mystery charm (think Raymond Chandler). I like it.

Anyhow, it was quite a Michael Connelly binge I had this past month, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but now it’s time to try something different. Next up, I think, is Nature Girl, by Carl Hiassen, or I might possibly revisit some Patricia Highsmith. Connelly’s gotten me in the mood for some of her disturbing mind games.

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