August 20, 2009

Hometown girl makes good food! Woot woot!

Top Chef: Las Vegas started last night... I love Top Chef anyway, but this season I am extra tuning in because I know one of the contestants! I went to high school with Robin Leventhal. So, she is a couple of years older than I so we weren't exactly buddies, per se, and she would not remember me unless I re-introduced myself (and then she might only sort of recognize my name), but I remember her as being funky, artistic, smart, and friendly to underclassmen, which counts for a lot in my book.

Go Robin!

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Liz F. said...

When I read that she was from SV I meant to email you to see if you know her! I just watched the first episode, love having on demand so I can catch up on things - I never seem to be able to watch anything when it actually airs.