October 29, 2009

makes me seasick just thinking about it

I'm obsessed with checking Jessica Watson's blog. Jessica, you may or may not know, is the 16 year old Australian girl who is sailing around the world by herself in a little pink boat. It boggles my mind. She'll be at sea for 8 months.

What a role model. So brave! So inspirational! So... misguided? I mean, Jesse is obviously not dumb - but is this a safe idea? She checks in with her team twice a day and the boat can drive itself and her parents back her and there's radar and extra power and they've obviously thought of everything - but still! She's 16! There are pirates out there! And probably sea monsters! And did I mention she's 16?

Personally, pirates and shipwrecks and storms notwithstanding, I don't know if my 16 year-old self could have handled the enormity of this:

(photo is from her blog)

Plus, well, she did crash into a tanker that one time... but I'm rooting for her and love reading her blog. Especially the parts about her day-to-day life, like what she eats and how she bathes.

Safe travels, Jessica!

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