November 02, 2009

this is book-related, really

I liked the Twilight books just fine, but am by no means a Twi-hard (didn't like the movie one bit, don't care who Robert Pattinson is dating, don't think that the series is actually a true story like some people do, Nancy). However, the whole (tired) phenomenon is kind of interesting to me, and I am pleased that the real city of Forks, WA - once a dying logging town - has enjoyed a rejuvenation and a huge tourism boom due to the books.

The Hollywood Reporter says that one couple is even opening a Twilight-themed restaurant. I say good for them. I am all for capitalizing on your moment in the sun. (You might want to slow down, though, Kristen Wiig.)

The best part of the linked story is the last line: "The Chamber of Commerce says thousands of visitors come asking questions, such as whether it's safe to go camping with the vampire problems in the area."

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