January 13, 2010

a word about links and independent booksellers

I'm fairly certain that none of the readers of this fabulous bloggie click on the links to books that I imbed in my posts, but I wanted to mention, for your information, that I make an effort to link only to independent bookstore purchase options. I mainly link to book stores in the Pacific Northwest, and I generally find their sites on the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association web site. If I get stuck and need to link to something a little more obscure and these sites just can't do it for me, then I'll link to Powell's Books in Portland. Powell's is great, and I guess technically it's an independent book store, but it doesn't really have that Mom and Pop feel I try to support, so I try other options before linking to them.

Now, I can't say I have never shopped on Amazon, and I understand why people do it. It's fine. But at the same time I really like to support the locals when at all possible - and I encourage you to do the same!

Also, check out IndieBound's lists of bestsellers from independent book stores.

IndieBound brings together booksellers, readers, indie retailers, and local business alliances—anyone with a passionate belief that healthy local economies help communities thrive.
The people in small bookstores have to work hard for their sales. "Hand selling," is what it's called - interacting with the customers, knowing a little bit about every area of the store, knowing a lot about some titles, judging and recommending... it's hard work, and these people know their stuff.

Bone to pick? I can't believe how many hours I spent working in a bookstore with demanding customers who asked my opinion on any number of books, spending 30 minutes or more with someone, just to have them say, "Wow, that sounds great! I'll pick it up at Barnes and Noble next time I'm in Twin!"

So. Rude. I mean, I know, people have to do what they have to do. That's fine. But to make me wait on you for an hour and then tell me to my face that you are taking your business somewhere else? How are people so clueless? How can you be so un-self-aware as to not realize what a jerk move that is? Just say "I'll think about it" or "Thanks for your help!"

Anyway. People are people. Shop local! :)

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Liz said...

Just the other day I found my Olsson's frequent buyers card and it made me sad. They were SO good with recommendations, I really miss having a go-to local bookstore. I never seem to make it down to Politics and Prose.