February 19, 2010

Etsy Find of the Week: Treehouse28

This EFOTW is about an Etsy shop, rather than a single item. I have purchased several things from Alix at Treehouse28 and need to give her some air time.

All of Alix's clothes are made to order. She's a young mom who has great style, gives terrific, friendly customer service, and her clothes are so fun. (Admittedly I won't be wearing a lot of these things any time soon, since I'm practically a senior citizen, but I wish I could! To wit: the ruffled crop top above. So cute!) The fabric she uses is this rich, smooth cotton/lycra blend that feels great and has been so easy to care for.

Now. What I have not purchased from Alix is any of her children's clothing. But would you please look how cute! The poncho! The ruffled pants! I die.

Treehouse28 Etsy Shop

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