March 26, 2010

Etsy Find of the Week: House of Gloi

My newest Etsy obsession is scented bath goods from gloilocksandbody / The House of Gloi. Over the past couple of months I have purchased their bathing dust, soaps, sugar creme scrubs, lotions, and perfume oil. Basically one of everything. The scents are so rich and complex - after I use the soap on my hands I just sit there smelling them. I can't get enough.

My favorites: "Honey Tree" is a rich, dark, honey scent - and when I get out of the bath after using it, I honestly smell like wood. Like a tree. Not like, say, a pine forest, but just like wet wood. It's nice! "Elevenses" smells a bit like a creamy Hawaiian Punch (in a good way), and "Madcap Garden" is an amazingly refreshing black tea/mint/cream/honey concoction. Love it the most.

Gloi's packaging is gothic and professional and cool looking; the quality of the goods never fails. It is such a treat to have come across the lovely seller(s) and their fairy tale shop!

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