July 06, 2010

New Releases

I love the idea of "summer reading" or "beach books", but since I'm a grown-up with a 9-5 and 10 days off per year and several extra-curriculars demanding my attention... well, it doesn't really feel like summer affords me any extra reading time than any other time of year.  That being said, it's still summer, right?  And that's the time when the new chick lit and thrillers make their appearances.  I have read a few such new releases over the past couple of weeks:

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, by Stieg Larsson (Book No. 23).  Of course I read this one!  I have been waiting for it for months!   So good.  I am just sorry it was the final book in the trilogy and that there won't be any more Lisbeth Salander to look forward to.

Heart of the Matter, by Emily Giffin (Book No. 24).  I have read all of Ms. Giffin's books, but I find them less and less satisfying as I go through each new one.  This plot is based on infidelity.  Now, I am really sensitive to this subject.  I don't know.  I am just really touchy about it.   That being said, I was almost bored during the first part of the book, and as it went on, I just didn't feel for any one of the characters.  The wife was a little bland, but fine, and I was just not relating to the single mom/other woman AT ALL.  She was such a sad sack.  I know - she was going through a crisis, etc., but does she smile?  What did the husband find attractive about her? Beats me.  Then I just wanted the self-centered husband to go away and let all of the women in the book bond and be friends.  I don't know.  I liked it well enough, but for my buck, Ms. Giffin's earlier books were much more gripping.  At least she didn't mention how great Wake Forest is in this one...

Sizzling Sixteen, Janet Evanovich (Book No. 25).  Cute, silly, same as all the other Stephanie Plum books.  Fits my definition of a fun summer read, for sure.

Uncharted Territori, by Tori Spelling (Book No. 26). I don't know what it is, but I just love reading Tori Spelling's books.  I just find her very endearing, and I think she's a lot more self-aware than people give her credit for.  She's funny and ambitious and insecure and a cute, hands-on mom. 

I do want to know more about why everyone in the cast of 90210 (with the possible exception of the gorgeous Jennie Garth) hates her, though.  Tori claims not to understand it, and vaguely attributes their public bad-mouthing of her or their blatant snubbing of her to her break-up with her first husband, but... what did she do, really?  So Luke, Tiffani:  Call me.  Need to know more.  Other than that unsolved mystery, I like her and liked this book.  Plus she is wearing an adorable outfit on the cover.

Finally, I also read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella, by Stephenie Meyers.  Because I'm a sucker.  However, I refuse to go see "Eclipse".  I do have a few standards, bish, please.  (Book No. 27).

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Big Mo said...

Finally discovered Stephanie Plum this summer. Now I understand why so many gazillions of these books have been sold and read: they're just plain fun.