August 17, 2010

The Boyfriend List

Latest Y.A. read was The Boyfriend List, by E. Lockhart.  Since I loved The Disreputable History so much I decided to go for another by this author.  I am not going to summarize it here -- that's boring for all of us -- but I will submit to you this small excerpt which rang true for me, even as an adult:

... I never felt the same after that.  Not really.  Look back and reread what Jackson actually said when he told me about his afternoon with Heidi.  True, he said he wanted me, had never felt like this before.  But he also said that Heidi was superbeautiful and fun, and that they'd played tennis for old times' sake, because they were so well matched, blah blah blah.

Now, if your entire focus was on making your new girlfriend feel better about your feelings for your old girlfriend, would you mix your declaration of love in with nostalgia about tennis games and the superbeauty of the old girlfriend?


You would only do that if you were still thinking about the beauty and the tennis. ...

Believe me, I know the actual truth is that these are all nice girls.  Some of them even used to be my friends.  And I firmly believe that women should not get all cruel and petty with each other over men, because how on earth will we run companies and countries if we're preoccupied with someone else's big boobs in a pink sweater set? ... 

My problem is that I can think whatever I think -- girl power, solidarity, Gloria Steinem rah rah rah -- but I still feel the way I feel. 

Which is jealous.  And pissy about little things.

Amen, sister.

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