August 03, 2010

Family Affair, by Caprice Crane (Book No. 28)

I read Caprice Crane's most recent book, Family AffairI have enjoyed Ms. Crane's books in the past, and so I figured it would be a good bet for an enjoyable read.  It was. 

The basic premise that moves the plot along is that a young couple is splitting up, and the wife, having lost her family (for the most part) and having become very attached to her husband's family, wants "custody" of them in the divorce.  Things happen, the story goes on.

In retrospect, overall, I feel like I didn't love it but I did like it.   The author's humor great --  quirky and odd (I just read someone's review on Amazon and she said she "laughed until she cried".  Really?  REALLY?  I can't imagine, but okay.) and the book had some touching family moments.  I think I preferred Stupid and Contagious, but this was a pretty fun, easy read.  I would definitely try her again.

Bonus linkage:  Here's a related Huffington Post article by Ms. Crane from last fall...

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