September 08, 2010

Book Challenge Update

I'm three quarters of the way through the year, and on track to finish my 50 books by December 31.  I thought I should reflect.

I enjoy reading, so I don't find it difficult to read fifty books in one year. Especially when my summer was filled with young adult books.  I mean, the books I read weren't short books - most were around 250-300 pages -- but they were not especially difficult to get through.  So I guess I don't find this 50 Books project to necessarily be a "challenge". 

Keeping track on this blog is sometimes a challenge, though.  I feel like I need to be thoughtful, and write an interesting review instead of just making a list.  I don't know why.  It's not like Draggletail has a huge audience full of critics and authors and people waiting to judge me.  I'm not pretending to be anything I'm not.  I'm just reading.  But still, I feel compelled to be thoughtful and... smart.

The blogging also sort of inhibits my reading choices.  I think I am a lot more embarrassed about all those YA books I read because I feel like I have to tell the truth and follow my own rules here, report back.  I have to blog that I read them, instead of just reading them secretly on my Kindle or something with no one ever the wiser.  So there is a bit of pressure in that sense.  Obviously it didn't truly inhibit me - I still chose to read those books (and enjoyed some of them!) and wrote what I thought and didn't pretend I never read them - but it was a little bug on my shoulder now and then.

Who am I trying to impress, though?  That's what I wonder.  I know who looks at this blog.  I am not that worried about impressing y'all.  But still.  I've made these insecure ruminations before.  Maybe that's just it: Insecurity.  Unnecessary insecurity.

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