November 04, 2010

a few more books under my belt...

I keep forgetting to post my reading.  I suppose it's just as well that this challenge is coming to an end.   I appear to be running out of blogging steam (See also my lack of "Etsy Find of the Week" posts for two weeks running...)  Anyway, a few more recent reads for the official list:

Book 41:  The Reversal, a new one by Michael Connelly.  I like books where you're not quiiiiite sure if the bad guy is really the bad guy or not.  This is sort of like that.  Good Harry Bosch/Mickey Haller book.

Book 42:  Still Missing, by Chevy Stevens.  Okay, this thriller definitely had a unique plot, and kept my attention the whole way through.  Really liked it.  Basically the story centers around a lady realtor who is abducted from an open house and suffers hideous abuse at the hands of her captor...  but from Page 1, our victim is telling the story, so you already know she doesn't die during the ordeal (Probably. Unless it's some Lovely Bones type of thing where the victim is telling the story from the grave. But that's not what's going on here. Oops - spoiler?)  Her life - and the investigation into her abduction - must go on.  I guess this one also falls into the "I'm not totally sure who the bad guy is" category.  I would definitely recommend it.

Book 43:  Prayers for Rain, by Dennis Lehane.  Continuing my Kenzie/Gennaro kick.

Book 44:  Last Night at Chateau Marmont, a new release from Lauren Weisberger.  You know her books; this one is similar.  I liked it because I'm a girl who reads gossip magazines and likes makeup and designer jeans.

Now then. I know that I said that I would stop reading young adult books and would focus on books aimed at my own general age group.  Which I mostly did (see above).  However, I feel I must admit that I did read a few more YA books in addition to the titles above but I am just not going to count them towards my challenge total.  I will spare you from talking about them except for one tiny little thing which is OMG THE HUNGER GAMES!!!

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