April 21, 2005

Or maybe just a new job.

My boss is out of the office today. He just called me to get a phone number. I gave it to him, and he continued to talk to whomever he is with in the car, and hung up on me. No thank you, no good bye. Should I:

(1) be pissed, because that is no way to treat someone
(2) move on, because that’s typical of him, it’s my job to help out, and it’s not really a big deal
(3) be glad that I even have a job and get over myself

It’s amazing how one little incident can cause so many conflicting emotions at once. I think that is an indication that I need medication.


lizfisher said...

That is so rude and annoying. I can understand your frustration, it's like when you let someone cut in while driving and they don't give you the wave - that gets me so fired up!!

Ms Draggletail said...

I HATE when they won't give you the wave. Rude!