May 04, 2005

My brand new neurosis!

The other day a friend told me that she doesn’t like to take out books from the library because “who knows where those books have been! People read them in the bathroom, sneeze on them, don’t wash their hands, and…” And… gross! I am bummed she brought that to my attention, because she’s so right. I have been living in denial about the germ-ridden books I take to bed with me, and it bums me out.

However, I will still get books from the library, because it’s the right thing to do. I like to read the occasional young adult book or a quick mystery, and I don’t want to pay $9.00 for a book I’m going to finish in a few hours and then never pick up again. I spend enough money on books as it is. And it's good to save some trees. And it’s not as if I lick the library books (usually), or rub them in my eyes, right? I kiss my dog on her head every day, which has to be a lot germier than a book. Plus I sit at a computer for 8 hours a day, and everyone knows how disgusting keyboards are. So I’m probably good. Or else I’m really, really nasty, and library books are the least of my hygiene problems.

But still. Don’t make me think about it. I'm hoping a librarian will tell me I'm wrong.

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lizfisher said...

Whoever told you that should douse themselves in Purell and start wearing a surgical mask whenever they leave their germ-free home environment. I'm getting tired of all the anti-bacterial addicts running around telling us all how dirty everything that we touch is -pretty soon our paranoia is going to lead to weakened immune systems and super-bacteria (at least that is my totally baseless theory to support why I don't mind living in semi-squalor). Keep reading those library books Jenn!!!