July 03, 2005

grow up

I just noticed that two out of the three books I'm reading right now are "coming-of-age" books. Add those to the rest of my list from this year, and I may have gotten myself into a little rut here. Maybe I should try to read some books about adults next.

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Big Mo said...

Before you move irreversibly toward adult titles, you might want to check out a few childrens books. A couple weeks ago on vacation I read both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach by Raold Dahl. They both are good but not THAT good, you know? Like not good enough to have spawned three movies between the two of them (and movies that pretty closely track the plots of the books, to boot). So what's the allure? Why is it that kids and adults are still reading Dahl today, or making movies based on his stories? The New Yorker had an interesting piece on this a couple of weeks ago (which is why I read the two in the first place). Hey, even if you hate them or find them uninteresting, they are mercifully short, and it IS August, you know...

The other book I would REALLY like you to read is Stuart Little. If you haven't read it recently, you will be shocked at how creepy it is. And it's EB White, so the writing is great. But creepy creepy creepy. And Stuart is surprisingly unlikeable. But I don't want to give any more away--just read it.