July 01, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you Book #28.

Hello, and welcome back! A few days ago we celebrated the work of the literary world's favorite man-child, Jonathan Safran Foer. Now we make an interesting transition from SmurfBoys to aggressive girl-children,* shall we? On to our next selection: Whores on the Hill, by Colleen Curran.

I love me a book/movie/TV show about Bad Teenagers, so I had high hopes for this one: a clique of grasping 15-year-old girls, running around Milwaukee in their school uniform skirts, dropping acid and having casual sex behind trees and in the back seats of cars, regular teenaged girls on a search for happiness, etc etc...

Hmm. It just wasn't that compelling, I'm afraid. Maybe I'm jaded. You know, looking at the story in comparison to my own extremely racy high school years. (cough) The girls were definitely wild, but I guess I didn't find any of them really all that sympathetic. I didn't care that much. I did finish the book, and it was, overall, fine. Part of the ending was, happily, unexpected and interesting, but overall, it did not live up to my hopes.

Sorry, Colleen. I like your jacket photo, though. You look like someone I would want to be friends with.

* I had a hard time coming up for alternative words to "slut" or "whore" on this one. I didn't really want to attract a lot of pervs to my site (besides my regular friends), though I suspect the use of the book's title will inevitably bring them to me anyway... ah well. We try not to discriminate here at Draggletail Central.

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