September 05, 2008

Books in Clumps: Jennifer Weiner

I think I am the last lady in the world to have finally gotten around to reading Jennifer Weiner’s Good In Bed. Even though I heard lots of good things about it, I still resisted. Was it the title? Was it that I had an issue with “big girl lit” – which I assumed might be demeaning to larger women in some way? I don’t know. At any rate, I finally picked it up a couple of months ago, and I am so glad I did. Our girl Cannie has a “traditional build,” sure, and her body issues played a role in the story. But the book was not preachy, or overbearing, and the book was not about being plus-sized, really. She is just a realistic girl with realistic problems. The story moved along well and I cried at the end.

Cannie stuck with me, and I liked the book so much that I immediately gobbled up copies of her other books (as is my wont): Little Earthquakes, Certain Girls, and Goodnight Nobody. Then I listened to In Her Shoes during a drive.

Good In Bed is my favorite out of the lot, but Little Earthquakes was a close second. It’s about four young mothers, and even though I am not a young mother (and it has been made clear to me by plenty of people that I have no right whatsoever to comment on anything having to do with children or parenting, despite the fact that I do not live in a cave and certainly have my opinions on a variety of things just as, I’m sure, everyone else in the world has their own opinions on plenty of things that they have not personally experienced but WHATEVER) it was still engrossing and the characters were really captivating. Certain Girls is a continuation of Cannie’s story that, in my opinion, did not do justice to her appearance in Good In Bed. She didn’t even seem like the same woman, really.

So if you’re to pick up one Jennifer Weiner book, make it Good In Bed. Here's the author's blog. She's pretty clever. She describes how, upon checking in for a triathlon and looking around at her fellow competitors, some look like "strips of beef jerky in Lycra unitards." Heh.

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