January 22, 2010

New Draggletail Project: Etsy Find of the Week

I have a serious Etsy addiction. We've discussed this. But I can't even control myself any more. It's one of the first sites I check every morning, then I can't stop trolling through it all and adding things to my cart and then freaking out and taking them out again and then putting ten more things in and pulling that PayPal trigger. Ugh. But the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

So I came up with an idea to help me stop the insanity. Once a week I am going to post my Etsy Find of the Week on this blog (I imagine there are plenty of Etsy-centric blogs out there - I'm not being original here). This could be an item I have purchased and am reviewing for the good of my reader, or it could be an item that I covet that I know I should not buy. The thought here is that maybe by posting a photo of the item, it will curb my desire to own the item.

When I first started writing this post I thought I would say that I am going to do this once a week for the rest of the year, but I really hope that I am going to get sick of Etsy pretty soon, and this will become unecessary. But I'm going to give it a go, here.

So. Let me start this mess off by confessing my addiction to Gaia Conceptions clothing. Andrea makes amazing custom skirts and dresses out of organic fabrics, and then hand-dyes them beautiful colors taken out of nature. I have purchased about ten things from her already. When you look at the photos in her shop, you can tell she's a natural, pretty, crunchy, earth goddess. I'm not at all an earth mother type, so I wouldn't naturally be drawn to the kind of stuff you would wear at a Phish concert or music festivals or whatnot, but the colors are so so pretty and the stretchy cotton fabric makes me feel comfy all the time. Plus, I have to admit that living in the mountains where everyone wears cargo shorts and fleece every day really is mellowing my wardrobe. Is it because I'm getting older that I'm embracing the comfort clothing so much these days? Or is it because I'm getting fatter? Is it the mountain lifestyle? Let's go with that last option, because I don't love options 1 or 2. Either way, my weekend wardrobe now has plenty of jersey skirts and cowl-neck tops that sure are comfy!

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Indigo Indie said...

WOW.. major awesomeness here. I wish she would wholesale... I need someone to do the ZA line.

Great find!